Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Call to banish Asia Energy Corporation

BDNews24, Sun, Jan 11th, 2009 9:12 pm BdST

A citizens’ group has demanded Asia Energy Corporation be banished from Bangladesh, open-pit coalmine banned and seven-point deal with Fulbari dwellers honoured.

“In the wake of public protests, the then government reached an accord with the inhabitants of Fulbari, and the present prime minister Sheikh Hasina backed that deal and demanded its immediate implementation,” Prof. Anu Muhammad said on Sunday in a written statement at a briefing at National Press Club.

“That deal has yet to be implemented,” said Anu, member secretary of the national committee to protect oil, gas, mineral resources, power, ports.

“The already-discovered Jalalabad gas field has been given away to US oil company Chevron illogically,” the statement said.

The committee demanded that all past ministers, bureaucrats, consultants and businessmen-agents who were involved in plundering national resources be given exemplary punishment.

“We want this government not to patronise or protect multinational plunderers, lobbyists of these companies and their commission agents,” the statement said.